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An elegant utility for copying, converting, creating DVDs and more
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Bling Software Ltd.

An audio & multimedia application for copying any DVD from the Internet to your handheld device, convert video to cameras, create DVD in widescreen and many more.
Software Features:
- Copy Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray or standard DVD's discs for amazing near Blu-ray quality
- Copy ANY DVD movie to DVD (single or dual layer) or to your PC
- Copy ANY DVD movie or movie/video from the internet to your smart phone, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, PSP, PS3, XBOX 360, Zune, Gigabeat, Creative Zen, Blackberry and more
- Convert ANY DVD to DivX, AVI, Windows Media Video (WMV), and MPEG4
- Convert video from cameras to DVD
- Convert and Burn YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, MyVideo, blip.tv, Putfile, Break and Myspace videos to DVD
- Convert CD's and audio tracks to MP3's for your PSP, iPod, PS3, XBOX 360, Zune, Gigabeat, Zen, etc
- Create a DVD from multiple video files editing the audio and video pieces independently
- Create DVD in Widescreen (16:9) formats
- Create a DVD from MPEG4, AVI, Windows Media Video (WMV), DVR and TIVO files
- Make free unlimited ringtones from your CD's, MP3's and Audio files
Video Editor to Create Custom DVD's:
- Create a DVD from multiple video files editing the audio and video pieces independently.
- Combine multiple audio, video, pictures effects and transitions using a full features timeline.
- Add visual effects to the video.
- Enhance your DVD creations with over 20 transitions each with custom options allowing for over 100 unique transitions.
- Create DVD's in Widescreen (16:9) format.
- Edit and remove unwanted footage from the audio and video.
- Change the color saturation and contrast of the video.
- Bitrates: Adjust Audio and Video Bitrates
- Fit to size: Limit the video file size to accommodate your needs.
- Create Wallpaper- Select a scene from any movie and create an image.
- Auto Burn- Automatically burn to the media in the selected burner.
Convert CD Tracks and Audio files to MP3 for:
- Sony PSP
- Sony PS3
- Apple iPod
- Apple iPhone / iPod Touch
- AppleTV
- Microsoft Zune
- Microsoft Xbox 360
- Toshiba Gigabeat MEV30K
- Creative Zen Vision
- Creative Zen Vision: W
- PC Xvid
- PC DivX
- PC Mpeg4
- PC / PDA/Smartphone WMV

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